Compare Badgerland Pans To The Competition

Badgerland Feature

Badgerland Mapleworks brings you “Fierce Performance. Tame Price.™” Our premium craftsmanship and competitive pricing makes Badgerland a top choice for any maple producer who wants the best value for their dollar.

We Start With Superior Materials

We handcraft our pans using premium 22 gauge stainless steel. This gauge metal offers better heat transfer for more efficient boiling compared to our competitor’s 18-gauge metal. Being able to TIG weld 22 gauge stainless steel requires two things: Skill and Specialized, Custom-Developed Tooling. If a manufacturer isn’t utilizing 22 gauge stainless steel to build their maple equipment, it is because they lack at least one of these two vital requirements.

Our valves, clips and other accessories are also crafted from food grade stainless steel. Unlike some competitors, we would never try deceiving you with similar-looking nickel-plated components. We have seen some competitors even use brass components, a metal alloy which contains lead. You can always trust that Badgerland is 100% food grade. No exception.

Weld by Craftsman Jared Surman

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Some competitors use soldering which will eventually give out and cause leaks. Not Badgerland. Badgerland pans are TIG welded and come with a lifetime limited warranty. No leaks. Period. Badgerland pans often even outlast the TIG welded 18-gauge pans because we join each seam so precisely in the absence of oxygen.

Ben Darnell Welding a Badgerland Pan

Professional Artisans

Badgerland Mapleworks is proud to offer quality handcrafted equipment that is made right here in America. This isn’t a “hobby thing” for us. And it isn’t a “seasonal thing” either. This is what we live and breathe every day. We take pride in our work and you will be able to see this in every pan we build. 

If you have any questions, free to contact our maple experts. Visit our showroom, also known as the “Midwest’s Maple Headquarters”, at 208 N 12th Street in Hilbert, Wisconsin. 

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