Production Update 1/19/22

The below info are best ESTIMATES. We are doing our very best to be transparent and keep you updated on what we are working through. To our dismay, we do not have the luxury to call each customer individually to discuss each update. We absolutely wish we could, but we simply don’t have the manpower. We are focusing our energy on production efficiency and getting the work completed. Please check back to the website periodically for updates.

Please note: “Production Time” does not include shipping time. Yes, we will email you a tracking number when it ships.

Things are moving right along as swiftly as can be expected based on extreme order volumes at this time. See our parent company, Smoky Lake, for a more detailed explanation about Lead Times.


Flat Pan with Valve and Plug
Flat / Divided Pans
Pans 2×4 or SMALLER:

• Current lead time for production is approximately 4 – 6 weeks from your order date.

• When your order is ready, it will ship via FedEx Ground or SpeeDee Delivery and we will email you a tracking number.

Pans LARGER than 2×4:
Lead times are influenced by pick up vs delivery as follows.

• Lead Times w/Pick Up: Approximately 4 – 6 weeks from your order date.

• Lead Times w/Freight Shipping: Fulfillment dates are largely dictated by our white glove carrier freight schedules (schedules available on the Smoky Lake website). We will contact you when your order is ready to ship. Sorry, we cannot promise that this will be shipped before the sap runs in your area.
Drop Flue Pan Set by Badgerland Mapleworks
Drop Flue Pan Sets
Lead Times Are Based on Order Date…

Order Placed Prior to Christmas, 2021: 
ALL SHIPPED! Thank you!

Orders Placed Between Dec 24 – Jan 18, 2022:
Lead time may be influenced by your location.

• If you are able to PICK UP at our Hilbert headquarters, we’ll do our very best to have your pan set ready for pick up within March.

• Deliveries within Wisconsin and Minnesota: We cannot guarantee that this will be ready in time for the 2022 season, BUT we will absolutely try! Timing of delivery will be influenced by our white glove carriers’ upcoming routes (TBD). Order NOW to lock in best pricing (minimum 20% deposit required) and reserve your place.

• For all other delivery locations, it is recommended to order now to lock in best pricing (minimum 20% deposit required) and reserve your place in the queue. We will craft/delivery your pan set after this season.

Orders Placed After January 18, 2022:
Order now with minimum 20% down to lock in the best price and reserve a favorable position in the queue. (Simply select “check payment” at check out to make a partial payment.) We will craft/deliver your pan set after the 2022 maple season concludes.



Auto Draw Off Systems
Expected to be back in stock the week of 1/19/22! Available only from at this time.
Sight Glass Styles
Sight Glasses
In Stock!
If this is part of a larger order, it will ship at the same time as your other items.
Feed Pan with Valve and Attachment Clips
Feed Pans
These generally ship within 1 – 2 weeks! If this is part of a larger order, it will ship at the same time as your other items.


Filter Finisher Bottler
Filter/Finisher/ Bottlers

Orders Placed After 1/19/22: 

This product is still available for a limited time. After we consume our existing stock of parts, this Badgerland model will be replaced with our Smoky Lake model.

Due to current order volume, we are estimating up to about 2 months lead time from your order date.
NOTE: If your pan was part of a larger freight order, it will ship with that freight order.


Filter Press, Short Platform, 6-Filter, Hand Pump

As of 1/19/22, the 6-Filter, Hand Pump configuration is IN STOCK and ready to ship. It will be ON SALE for $100 OFF while supplies last.

All other configurations are being turned around relatively quickly. Currently we are looking at about 4 weeks.


Due to high order volume at this time, we stopped accepting custom orders on July 19, 2021. Please contact us after the maple season and we’ll be happy to assist at that time. We will be doing everything in our power to fulfill existing custom orders before the season.

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