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The New Badgerland aluminum filter press is designed to be a cost effective filtering solution to produce high-end results in your syrup quality.  These presses use conventional 7″ filters and the window plates are large capacity, 1.3 inches thick. Choose the short platform with either 6 filters or 10 filters or the large platform with either 8 filters, 12 filters, 16 filters, or 20 filters.  Or start small and add the plates to handle more filters later as you need them.
  • Expandable: Start with as few as 6 filters on a short platform OR 8 filters on a long platform. Add plates/capacity as your business grows.
  • Positive Assembly: The hangers were designed in such a way to make it impossible to insert a plate backwards.
  • Easy to Upgrade: The Badgerland Filter press is compatible with the premium stainless steel plates of the Smoky Lake brand.  They can be upgraded at any time.
  • Two Pump Options: Choose from an economical plastic hand pump or an aluminum air diaphragm pump.
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray: Keeps your platform nice and tidy.
  • Rubber, non-skid feet

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Type of Pump

Hand Pump, Air Diaphragm Pump

Starting Capacity

6 Filters (Short Platform), 8 Filters (Long Platform), 10 Filters (Short Platform), 12 Filters (Long Platform), 16 Filters (Long Platform), 20 Filters (Long Platform)

1 review for Badgerland Filter Press

  1. Thomas Hansen (verified owner)

    purchased this item over the summer. after watching many videos, i was very confident on how to use it. and it made filtering so much easier. i have done cone filters, and i even purchased a steam bottler from Badgerland, and I am not going say anything bad about that item, as i still use it, the issue with it, in my opinion, was the flat filtering. it was very tedious to filter flat, vs cone. and while we did make a lot of syrup last year, it actually more than paid for the press, i am hoping to make quite a bit more with the help of the press. we filtered almost 5 gallons of syrup, after adding the DE to it, in less than 5 minutes. with very little syrup lost, especially when you compare it to the amounts we lost doing the other forms of filtering, and the losses were mostly due to frustration of clogging pre-filters, or just the orlon filters as the syrup would cool. so, if you are still reading this, buy this press, especially if you do any decent volumes of syrup.

    • badgerlandmaple (verified owner)

      Hi Thomas
      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Sounds like you have a good thing going with the Filter Press. If you would ever like to re-visit the flat filters we may be able to offer you some tips that would help.
      Have a great day. Angela

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