2′ x 3′ Divided Maple Syrup Pan w/Valve, Plugs, Therm

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  • Amt of sap for 2″ depth: 7.5 gal.
  • Est. ave. evaporation rate: 6 – 9 gph
  • Ave # of taps: 5 – 50

Instruction Guide

Accessories Included

Many More Accessories Available!

(Sold Separately)

  • Feed Pan — Preheats sap. Allows a constant trickle of sap to flow into the evaporator pan for greater boiling efficiency.
  • Float Box — Maintains a constant depth of sap in your pan. Helps protect your pan.
  • Sight Glass — Displays an easy-to-read sap depth even during a violent boil. A sight glass can connect to a draw-off port or to a float box.
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Badgerland Mapleworks handcrafted evaporator pans guarantee fierce performance at a tame price. We also offer many premium add-ons, including a stainless steel draw-off valve and a maple thermometer for monitoring density.

CONTINUOUS FLOW: The Badgerland Mapleworks Divided Flat Pan is equipped with three channels which allow you to draw off finished syrup periodically rather waiting for the entire pan to turn into syrup. This is known as the “continuous flow” method of boiling as opposed to the “batch” method.

PAN CONSTRUCTION: Badgerland Mapleworks uses only 22 gauge stainless steel which offers superior heat transfer compared to competitors’ thicker materials. This translates to an accelerated boil and an increased fuel efficiency.

The dividers are NOT added as an afterthought. Rather, we form the dividers into the body of the pan, creating a floor that is seamless and sanitary. This design prevents liquid from leaking under the dividers and also adds incredible strength to the pan.

REVERSIBLE: This unit fully reversible simply by turning the pan 180º. Reversing the flow allows you to eliminate sugar sand build-up on the floor of the pan. Without the capability to reverse flow, you would need to completely drain and clean the pan every time a build-up occurred

INLET PORT: The inlet port is compatible with our Float Box which can automatically regulate sap depth in your pan. Alternatively, the inlet port can be plugged so that you can add sap either via Feed Pan or by hand.

DRAW OFF PORT: It’s extremely dangerous to pick up a pan of boiling maple syrup. Spilled syrup can cause nasty burns, sticky mess, and major heart ache. That is why every Badgerland pan comes with a stainless steel ball valve to make draw-off safer and less clumsy.

Parts for the Draw-Off Port

Parts for the Thermometer Ports

Parts for the Inlet Port


Additional information

Weight 25.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 8 in
Ave. Tap Count


4 reviews for 2′ x 3′ Divided Maple Syrup Pan w/Valve, Plugs, Therm

  1. Eric Ohlenbusch (verified owner)

    it is amazing how quickly the sap started boiling with this pan. I made my first ever batch of golden delicate with this pan and highly recommend to any new sugar makers getting started with a small setup.

  2. Jamie richardson (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this pan ive sugared for years on a 4 x 12 rig.I set this up so I could teach the grand kids how to boil. With an air tight arch a smoky lake float box and a smoky lake warming pan I have seen evaporation rates over 15 gallons an hr on this pan incredible. Don’t waste ur money on a cheap no name pan this is definitely worth the money.

  3. Jeff East (verified owner)

    I also have this pan. Used it for our first boil yesterday (63 gallons in 5.5 hrs) 2/27/21 here in upstate NY, and I’m very impressed with the overall performance. I was getting about 10.5 gallons per hr off this pan in open air with wind (raw sap only no RO). It is definately very responsive. Absolutely worth every penny! With the right set up (air tight arch) this pan paired with the warming pan will make your season enjoyable.

  4. Mike Toth (verified owner)

    Love this pan. I live in NE Ohio and have been small-scale sugaring in my back yard for about 10 years. I bought this 2’x3’ pan last spring and added a Badgerland float box this spring and couldn’t be happier. The combo is 4x more efficient than my previous setup and is very well made. I can’t believe how quickly this thing gets up to boiling temps. Highly recommend.

    • badgerlandmaple

      So glad to hear this! Thank you for the feedback!

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