Badgerland Filter/Finisher/Bottler Kit with Filter Set and Accessories

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This is an extremely versatile pan for the maple syrup producer. Now you can filter, adjust density and do your bottling all with the same piece of equipment.


  • Filter/Finisher Pan
  • Lid with Handle
  • Filter Tray
  • 2″ Dial Thermometer (0-250ºF Scale)
  • 1/2″ Ball Valve
  • Precut Flat Filter Set

See our Smoky Lake Complete Steam Bottler for further enhancements and accessory options.

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Filter/Finisher/Bottler Kit w/Accessories Quick Stats
Pan Dimensions 16″ x 16″ x 11″
Total Pan Capacity (When Filter Tray is Removed) 12 gal. (45.4 liters)
Pan Capacity When Using the Filter Tray 9.9 gal. (37.4 liters)
Filter Tray Depth 2 in. (5 cm)
Pan Material 304 Stainless Steel
Thermometer Type 2-inch Dial Thermometer, 0–250ºF Scale
Valve Type 1/2″ Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Upgrades Available Complete Steam Bottler (Includes a Steam Tray, and a Gas or Electric Heater. Available only on


A Filter Tray and a fitted set of Flat Filters (1 Orlon and 4 Prefilters) is included in this package. When you start a filtering session, you’ll place the main Orlon filter into the Filter Tray and stack all four pre-filters on top of it. As you’re running syrup through, you’ll slide off the top prefilter layer whenever it clogs up. This will allow the syrup to run freely again through the rest of the filters. Continue this process until all of your prefilters have been removed, then simply wash them with clean hot water and start over.


Use the main pan to evaporate liquid off of your syrup, finishing it to perfect density. The pan is a perfect size to use on a stove top or on a propane burner of any kind.


This kit is equipped with a food-grade stainless steel ball valve and a premium grade dial thermometer. You have everything you need to monitor temperature to the perfect range for bottling (180ºF – 190ºF) and fill bottles or jars in a professional manner.

Parts Included

  • 16″ x 16″ x 11″ Main Pan, TIG Welded and built out of premium Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Filter Tray
  • Lid w/Handle
  • Stainless Steel Dial Thermometer, 2″ diameter, 0–250º F
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Full, precut set of washable/reusable Flat Filters. Includes (1) Orlon Main Filter and (4) Synthetic pre-filters. This set will last for many years.

Compare Us To Our Competitors

As you look around at maple equipment, take note that the professional grade pans are built out of 22 ga stainless steel. We combine this superior material with our extraordinary skill and elaborate tooling for TIG welding in a clean and food-grade fashion. We have a long heritage in maple syrup equipment fabrication. Unlike some of our competitors, we’ll NEVER sell you a brass or copper valve because those materials are not acceptable for food exposure. We just offer a great product at a great price with everything you need, including a stainless steel valve.

Notice, right above the drain and thermometer port, we form a strength rib into the front of the pan so that when you swing the handle of the valve the panel doesn’t ”Ka-toonk” and deflect. I challenge any of our competitors to exercise such detail.



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