Flat Filter Set (Precut to 18″ x 18″)

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  • 1 Orlon Base Filter
  • 4 Synthetic Pre-Filters
  • Flat Filtering Instructions

This set is cut  to perfectly fit the 16 x16 Filter/Finisher/Bottler or Complete Steam Bottler.

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Flat filters are an enormous upgrade from cone filters because it is easier to keep the syrup flowing through.

Instructions for Use:

Start the day with a base filter (made out of a material called Orlon) and several prefilters over the top of it. Lay the stack of filters in your filter tray. It is correct that the filters are slightly larger than the base of your filter tray. This is so that you will be able to remove filters later on without burning yourself on syrup.

Run your hot syrup through the filters. The clean filtered syrup will collect in the basin below.

When the top prefilter clogs, shimmy it out and the syrup will flow through again. When the next prefilter clogs,  shimmy that one out, and so on. The prefilter material is composite and can be reused over and over. They rinse very well. Never run your syrup directly into the base filter unless you have very little to filter.

We recommend marking the top side of the Orlon base filter so that you always lay it into the filter tray with the same side facing up. Otherwise, if you were to use it upside down, sediment that had been caught in the filter previously could become dislodged and flushed back out into your finished syrup.


Do NOT use soap. Rinse with hot water.

Do NOT wring dry. This could weaken the fibers of the filter.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 in


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