2′ x 3′ Flat Maple Syrup Pan w/Valve and Plug


  • Amt of sap for 2″ depth: 7.5 gal.
  • Est. ave. evaporation rate: 6 – 9 gph
  • Ave # of taps: 5 – 50

Instruction Guide

Accessories Included

Many More Accessories Available!

(Sold Separately)

  • Thermometer — The temperature of boiling maple sap rises as it condenses. You will know you have finished syrup when your temperature reads 7ºF above the boiling point of water.
  • Feed Pan — Preheats sap. Allows a constant trickle of sap to flow into the evaporator pan for greater boiling efficiency.
  • Sight Glass — Displays an easy-to-read sap depth even during a violent boil. A sight glass can connect to a draw-off port or to a float box.
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Badgerland Mapleworks handcrafted evaporator pans guarantee fierce performance at a tame price. We also offer a multitude of premium add-ons, including a maple thermometer to monitor sugar density and a feed pan to preheat sap and further increase boiling efficiency.

EFFICIENCY: Badgerland Mapleworks uses only 22 gauge stainless steel which offers superior heat transfer compared to competitors’ thicker materials. This translates to an accelerated boil and an increased fuel efficiency.

SAFE DRAW OFF: It’s extremely dangerous to pick up a boiling pan of maple syrup. Spilled syrup can cause scathing burns as well as terrible heart ache. That is why every Badgerland pan comes with a stainless steel ball valve to make drawing off syrup safer and less clumsy.

BUILT-IN THERMOMETER PORT: Maple syrup finishes at 7º F above the boiling point of water. Having a thermometer in the pan while you are boiling is an effective and extremely convenient way to monitor progress. The Badgerland Mapleworks thermometer port is angled upward so that it is easier to read. It will also hold your maple thermometer steady and at the proper position to acquire a reliable reading.

Parts for the Draw-Off Port

Parts for the Thermometer Port


Additional information

Weight 16.8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 8 in

Ave. Tap Count


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