Stainless Steel Propane Burner


Works beautifully with the Badgerland Filter/Finisher/Bottler Kit and/or Steam Tray.

Width 16 Inches
Depth 16 Inches
Height 12-1/4 Inches
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Burners 1
Power Type Liquid Propane (Not Included)
Total BTU 55,000
Type Stove
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Durable, Welded Stainless Steel Frame

Built to last, the four legs are sturdy and balanced so you can confidently set this stove on patios and hard surfaces for an even, stable cooking platform. Plus, this frame’s low center of gravity eases any worries about tipping and spilling.

Powerful Burner for Efficient Heat

55,000 BTUs of cooking power provides enough heat for even, efficient cooking. Plus, the 16″ x 16″ square frame provides a more stable platform than some of our competitors’ round-shaped outdoor burners.

Protective Wind Guard

Maintaining a strong, clean flame is essential to your outdoor cooking process. The added wind guard prevents your flame from blowing out so you can work safely and consistently.

Adjustable, Regulated Heat

In order to achieve the desired heat output, this model comes with a 5 PSI adjustable high performance liquid propane regulator and 36″ rubber hose. With the ability to regulate your heat and control the flame on your stove, it can produce excellent results! This means you can use this burner for many purposes, even outdoor cooking on your patio in the off season.

Easy-to-Attach Hose

A secure hose-to-burner connection is essential when working with liquid propane tanks and gas cooking equipment. To prevent leaks, the hose included with this model is easily inserted into the burner for a safe and reliable fit!


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