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These Steam Trays work beautifully with the 16″ x16″ x 11″ Filter/Finisher/Bottler Pan.

As its name suggests, the Steam Tray creates steam which in turn heats the bottom of your Filter/Finisher/Bottler Pan in a nice, even fashion. In contrast, if you don’t use a Steam Tray, that means your Filter/Finisher/Bottler pan would be in direct contact with a flame or range top and hot spots can develop. These hot spots will lead to sugar sand development which should be avoided!

Always use a Steam Tray to safeguard against sugar sand and save yourself time, money and heartache.

The Electric version of this Steam Tray includes an Electric Heating Element and rubber, nonskid feet.

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The electric version of this steam tray includes Rubber Feet and an Electric Heating Element. Also, this tray is deeper than the regular steam tray in order to accommodate the Electric Heating Element. The element should be completely submersed in water at all times.

The regular version of this steam tray is intended to be used with a Gas Burner (sold separately) or a kitchen stovetop.

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